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The Kovács Family
Mezokövesd, Hungary

Detail of handpainted frame by Szabolcs Kovacs

The people of Mezokövesd and its surrounding villages, also known as the " Matyó," are well known in Hungary for their vibrant folk art. The Kovács family of Mezokövesd has been part of this tradition for generations. Furniture maker Szabolcs Kovacs, a Master Artisan, learned to make traditional handpainted rosemaling furniture from his father.  His work ranges from large pieces such as made-to-order dining room sets, to miniature items such as small compact mirrors and even hand-painted eggs.  Like the other female family members, Mária Kovács learned to embroider and crochet at an early age.  Her embroidery, all done by hand, includes traditional Matyó designs as well as contemporary interpretations.  The embroidery kits she designed for Lmntl are based on old family patterns.  Both teachers by profession, Mária and Szabolcs run a show-house for their work in an old-style, thatched-roof peasant house in the historical district of Mezokövesd .  Open during the summer months and by appointment during the off-season, there is also a workshop space where Mária plans to offer embroidery classes and demonstrations.

Visit the show-house at Kisjankó Bori út 8 - 10, Mezokövesd , Hungary.