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Lmntl is pleased to offer two wonderful documentaries by San Francisco filmmaker Sally Gati.  Both are available on DVD (email to check on VHS availability).  $25.00 each.

Traditions For Sale highlights the Matyo folk embroidery done in Mezokovesd, Hungary.  Filming in the early 1990's, Ms. Gati was able to record the stories of some of the older generation of folk artists who have since passed away.  The film also features the Kovacs family, whose products are sold through this website.  The following is the blurb from the video cover:

"Traditions For Sale " is a documentary focusing on some very special Hungarian folk artists, who, because of the new capitalistic climate, have been reviving their folk arts.  You will be able to see how an "irono" creates floral designs.  You will look on as older women do detailed embroidery work on goods to be sold in souvenir shops in Budapest.  You will meet a woodcarver who handmakes furniture to sell overseas, and you can watch his son paint the colorful flowers that decorate items they sell in their folkstore.  You will hear Hungarian folk music as men and women in Matyo costumes put on an authentic recreation of a wedding for tourists.  Everywhere in the world, people want to take something of the traditional culture away with them.  You can see it happening in Hungary, all in 50 minutes.

Starting Over in America; The Story of the Hungarian 56ers traces the journeys of a few of the courageous young Hungarians who fought for their freedom in 1956, then escaped to the US when the uprising was crushed by the Soviets.  They made the most of the opportunities offered by their new home, building successful lives and careers.  From the cover:
"Starting Over in America; The Story of the Hungarian 56ers " is a 57-min. documentary of personal stories told by thirteen Hungarian refugees who came to the U.S. following their failed 1956 Revolution against the Soviet Union.  These funny, sad, and uplifting stories tell of their disappointment at the defeat of their dream for a free Hungary yet they have the power to reawaken in us what is possible in America and let us see how their hopes were made new again.  (written, directed, edited, and narrated by Sally Gati in collaboration with her husband Frank Gati, one of the 56ers.)

For more information on Sally Gati's films, visit her website at:  http://fog.ccsf.cc.ca.us/~sgati/gatiproductions/starting_over/