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lmntl ("elemental") crafts is interested in promoting fine craftsmanship, especially in the area of ethnic folk art. We are currently working with Hungarian artisans to develop our product lines, and hope to expand to include other regions in the future. Our offerings include:

--Hungarian embroidery kits featuring authentic patterns designed by Hungarian folk artists, along with historical information about the represented region.  The first group of kits features Matyo style patterns from Mezokovesd.

--Handcrafted pottery, embroidered and handwoven textiles, and other unique items made by regional artisans.  lmntl is able to offer these items at a very reasonable price by buying directly from the artisans.

In addition to being an online store, lmntl.com is also a source of information about Hungary and Hungarian folk art.  Visit our features section for in-depth original articles about some of the regions and folk traditions of Hungary.

For questions, comments, special orders or wholesale inquiries, please email donna@lmntl.com.